Traditional Spices in Market


Fragrance of freshly washed wheat, digging hands in the sack of kala chana, rubbing rice grains between palms are some of the vivid memories from her growing up years. While born and brought up in an industrial town, Payal has enjoyed the goodness of staples and vegetables grown in the farmlands of her maternal and paternal grandparents in Rajasthan and UP. When she became a mother, she scouted for the same freshness for her child but unfortunately found a dearth of same! In her quest to bring locally grown, traceable food to her child and family, she decided to quit her corporate career of 14 years and conceptualised VITASTA with her school friend and now life partner, Amal.

Born in Ahmedabad, spent his initial years of childhood in Kashmir, Amal is a quintessential Kashmiri. He is passionate about food, freshness and nature. Exploring the unexplored, Amal has travelled to unknown terrains and relished locally grown food. Though successfully running his financial advisory firm since last 18 years, Amal has never stopped from exploring and continuously researching about origin & sources of food, its rich flavours and the journey of food. And certainly he can talk about it endlessly!

Vitasta was conceptualised to deliver pesticide free, chemical free unadulterated, non-GMO staples sourced from various states. But, in this journey, they constantly felt there was a missing link. Rashneek who shares common passion for freshness, simplicity, nature and travelling to off-locations bridged this missing link. The link of farm fresh vegetables. Rashneek has a vast experience in the space of agro industry and has been associated with Vitasta from the day of ideation providing guidance and expert advice at every stage.

Rashneek, had grown up in envious environs in farther part of the country - Kashmir. Surrounded by vast rice fields and orchards his home presented a picture of fulfilment. They would grow their own vegetables through the spring & summer and ate right from the source, often sun-drying the excess produce for the winters. As Deputy Country-Head for the largest farm input company, he stayed connected to the land, with almost a regular interaction with the farmers. He understood their issues and concerns and more often than not thought of turning one himself, all over again. He knows that source matters!

Their quest for fresh, nutritious and locally grown food led to three of them coming together to deliver clean, simple and traceable food to you. A step towards bringing you little closer to mother earth.

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