A quirky streak in her head would often tell her quit her well-paying corporate job and do something very unusual. As the thought would evaporate she would settle back into her role of Vice President HR at one the largest banks in the world. Eventually the smells, sounds and scenes of her childhood all came calling one day. She visualized herself back in her paternal village where large fields surrounded them and freshness of the everyday produce brought fragrances from the kitchen downstairs. The quirky Payal had trounced the realist one. She brought home the idea of an organic grocery delivery model and began working on the dream she always nurtured.




When most of his friends were” settling down” into good jobs, Amal took an unusual turn to become an entrepreneur. He left his home in Faridabad and went to a non-descript town of Gujarat where he says he picked up the lessons of his life. Working with a friend in a plant which manufactured paper bags, which in those days were hard to sell, the young Kashmiri boy from Faridabad applied himself to understand the nuances of what makes an idea click. He came back and set up an investment consulting firm, marketing mutual funds to his clients when the very idea of MF’s was almost unheard of. An avid traveler with passions ranging from nature to photography yet again took an unusual turn and this time hit on the idea of setting up an enterprise connected to mother earth and thus Vistasta was born.



Advisor-Farm Operations

A dreamer by nature, Rashneek lived in two parallel worlds, one that was illusory in which he lived in a farm, had a river and nature lay itself in abandon, another which had high rise buildings and corporate offices where work had to be transacted. Having worked in a port and then in one of the largest agri-inputs company Rashneek travelled the world, lived what many would called a fulfilling life but a void remained. As Vitasta was taking roots & metamorphosing from an idea into an enterprise Rashneek found that this was an idea that would take him to the farm both literally as well as metaphorically.

Today he advises Vitasta on farm related issues.



Farmer Relationship Manager

Rakesh would often say that farm runs in his blood but it was strange that he worked in an investment consulting firm. His MBA degree had opened him up to possibilities beyond agriculture yet inside him he nurtured a dream of working for the farmers to make their lives better and their produce profitable. His innate understanding of the crop cycles, soil and weather conditions not to mention the supply chains that made farm produce available to consumers propped him to be the Farmer Relationship Manager at Vitasta. With humility he says, I can now contribute in a small way to my larger community.